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Karlsruhe 300. Stadtgeburtstag
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Questions about the pavilion

The pavilion is both sculpture and stage, the symbolic "heart” of Karlsruhe’s 300th anniversary 2015. From June 17 - September 27, 2015, it will serve as festival stage and meeting point; landmark and podium; a place of exchange and dialog; and the central information point for citizens and guests. This lichtdurchlässige translucent lattice structure is an open construction that literally flows through the Palace Park. A variety of concerts, theatrical performances, readings, film screenings, and exhibitions will be held here throughout the Festival Summer. The pavilion features a large hall with a stage, a meeting point and café, and an information center for the events going on throughout the city.

Various events will take place in the pavilion’s open structure during the Festival Summer. The ground floor offers space for an information desk, café, and an audience area complete with a stage , with enough room for 250 seated or 500 standing guests. In addition to the ground floor event room, the pavilion also has three accessible platforms that cover a total of about 1,000 m². This makes it possible to expand the pavilion’s stage to include the outer platforms for larger events. An additional event area is located on the first floor and the top floor is used as a viewing platform.

The ground floor of the pavilion is barrier-free and equiped with handicapped-accessible restrooms. Only the first floor isn’t wheelchair-accessible. The installation of an elevator in a temporary building would have gone over budget.

For 100 days from morning to night, the pavilion will offer an event program that is as varied and colorful as the life and people of this Baden metropolis. Music, open stage performances, discussions on economy, politics, law, and science, as well as sports, art, and culture inspire guests to get involved and promise unforgettable moments that will give you goose bumps!