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Karlsruhe celebrates with the climate in mind

Karlsruhe’s Festival Summer aims to be Germany’s very first “green” city anniversary. Special attention has been paid to the environmental protection and sustainability issues during the planning and implementation of this event. Karlsruhe’s public utilities companies have partnered with the green Festival Summer as experts in environmental and climate protection.

Conserving resources

In order to balance out the CO2 emissions that inherently result from a major event like the 15-week Festival Summer, various factors like mobility, food, print products, and general event management have been taken under close consideration. While Festival Summer visitors can help lower CO2 emissions through their own behavior, it’s up to the KA300 team to prevent CO2 emissions as much as possible.


At major events, 50% of all CO2 emissions result from the arrival and departure of event participants alone. Therefore, everyone can do their part to significantly reduce the volume of CO2 produced. For example, using public transportation to get to the event produces only about 1/3 of the emissions caused by an average car. The Stadtmarketing has also done all within their power to make bike and foot traffic more attractive, e.g. providing additional parking spaces for bikes. 


Around 20% of all emissions caused by large events result from the amounts of food consumed. Emissions are created all along the supply chain, from livestock farming to transportation. Not only that, but the CO2 emissions/kg also differs greatly among different foods. That's why up to 50% of the food sold in the palace area will consist of vegetarian dishes and use mostly seasonal and regional products. 

Event management

KA300 uses 100% NatuRStrom (green electricity) from the city’s utilities companies, including the electricity used for the palace grounds. Therefore, all events taking place at the pavilion are sure to only use renewable electricity.

Print products

The KA300 team uses only recycled paper in its offices and to print all posters and flyers, without exception.  

That’s not all

We are doing even more to protect the environment and foster the sustainable use of resources. A particular Festival Summer highlight in terms of sustainability is the pavilion in the Palace Garden, which is made of 100% recyclable wood. In addition, all electrical equipment installed here has been rented for the duration of the Festival Summer and will be used in other locations throughout the city once the event is over. We’ve also main a conscious effort to respect the garden’s wildlife by lighting the pavilion with insect-friendly LED lights.

Compensation for CO2 emissions

In order to determine the volume of CO2 emissions ultimately created by this event, anonymous data will be collected from event organizers, participants, and visitors. This data will then be evaluated with the help of the Karlsruhe Energy and Climate Change Initiative to provide us with a CO2 emissions balance. It is our goal to then to compensate for the official amount of emissions produced. Compensation payments are to be fully assumed by the public utilities companies.

This money will be invested in three projects headed by the Karlsruhe Energy and Climate Protection Agency. The first two projects focus on reforestation, which will ensure that the CO2 emissions caused in this area can be converted back into O2. The third project is a local social project that will allow low-income households in Karlsruhe to replace their old refrigerators with new, energy-efficient appliances.

Celebrate sustainably

During the Festival Summer, there will be various Green Event projects that address environmental protection, sustainability, and the conservation of resources. Such projects will be represented in the District Projects, partner projects, and pavilion program events.



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